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I replaced the coolant temp sensor (IAT) and the CEL went out and car shut off without the fan running and started right up. Bought the new sensor right from the Volvo dealer. I will try cleaning the connector and see what happens.Subframe attachment for VOLVO Chassis 0026 1099 004 Spare wheel mounting 2000 1099 291l High temp Unipolar Hall Effect Switch Sensor l Wide operating voltage range: 3.8V~40V l Open Collector Pre-Driver l Maximum output sink current: 50mA l Chip Power Reverse-Connection Protection l Operating Temperature: -40℃~+150℃ l Small Size Package: SIP3L.

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The Volvo Penta Training Centers, frequent mailing of Service Bulletins, Letters and Promotions Disassemble Intake Manifold (GXi-B and later only) 12. Remove Flame arrestor and bracket. 6. Install the crankshaft position sensor bolt and tighten to 9 N�m (80 lb. in). 7. Install oil pan, Oil Pan and OIl...

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volvo penta 4.3 V6 audible alarm with normal oil pressure and water temp gauges. Exhaust manifolds hot but touchable with bare hand… read more. I have a 2006 Starcraft Stardeck 2010 with a Volvo Penta 5.0GXI inboard engine. The tilt/trim gauge does not work properly. It appears to have a short in...Buy TPS Sensor Sender Throttle Position for Volvo Penta TPI MPI EFI MERCRUISER 805226A1 3855184: ... Engine Temperature Temp Sensor Sender coolant 3.0 4.3 5.0 5.7 8.1 ...

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How to activate this Volvo PTT 2.7.98? Press start button on windows go to search on the right tabel ,type cmd, Run as admin,type cd \TechToolLicenseEditor and press use known xx78911 for log in in program. if need ISS you will find kg in folder downloads. Volvo Tech Tool V2.7.98 software displaysVolvo Penta 5.0Gxi Raw Water Pump Removal and Rebuild. Dit is een Volvo-Penta 5,7 GXi V8 van 300pk. Deze motor is door ons verkocht aan een klant als vervanging van een oude 5,7 ...